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Intuitive Work

The Intuitive Journey is a continuous progression to who we really are. This is about toning down  the outside input that constantly floods our senses.  Listening to your intuition and more importantly following it. Before you begin to doubt your intuition or say  “I don’t have any” – STOP. All of us are intuitive, all of us have intuition.

Listening to our intuition is an art. With all the outer energy that is present we can create those quiet moments and connect to ourselves.

Sue quietly tunes in and relays the message that are told and shown her. She will connect to the needs of your body and mind and gently, with your permission, align you into the direction you are being guided to go.

Sue can offer you an intuitive reading to give you insight into what your soul wishes you to know, your body’s requirements and the blocks that may be stopping you from moving forward.

Session can be in person, via Skype, phone or email.

Sue also offers meditation classes for  teenagers and children.

Also classes for stress release and Health, Happiness & Insight workshops


I went to Sue for a skin condition I had been suffering from for a number of years. I was in constant pain, it was a angry red rash all over my hands. I could no longer put my hands in water as they would become cracked and bleeding. After my theta session with Sue the next day my rash was completely gone! It has now been over a year since my healing and it has not returned. Sue is a fantastic person who I recommend to anyone. She has changed my life, god bless you Sue!

Amy, from Blenheim

Recently I was afflicted with extreme pain in my right shoulder and the centre of my back. On hearing about successful treatment of ailments , I contacted Sue Boyce to request assistance. Sue readily agreed to help me and in the ensuing few weeks I began to notice a gradual alleviation of the pain and eventually the complete disappearance of such.

Cliff, from Nelson

Sue Boyce is a compassionate and peaceful person who excels in the healing arts. She  connects with the  inner voice to ascertain what your body is  trying to tell you. I have trained alongside Sue and found her to be a personable caring individual who easily resolves major issues using the theta healing technique . She operates with a grace and ease and connects especially well with animals .
Rob, from Invercargill

I have had  Healing with Sue four times and have felt very comfortable and relaxed with her. Sue is very professional but also compassionate in taking you through the process  to release, heal and move one forward.

Jan, from Canterbury

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